Changing Wind | Week Twenty-Nine

How do you know when your season is about to change?

This previous Saturday, we hosted a Winter Workshop in Jeffrey’s Bay (for more info, go to The Creative Community). The focus was on ‘The Art of the Heart’, and we asked the participants to write a summary, then a timeline of their lives thus far.

As they categorized the big changes in their lives through towns, dates, relationships, jobs, etc., the participants had to give every big change in their lives, a title, and a name.

For example, in my season of moving to Jeffrey’s Bay, starting JSSM, and now The Creative Community, I would write that this is a season of ‘Restoration of Dreams.’ And so on I would go, adding a title to every season of my life thus far.

After the participants finished with this activity, we shared what stood out for us from our timelines, which areas were still grey, and where we need to gain a fresh and new perspective.

In doing this activity, we were able to identify the different changes in our lives, how it ebbs and flows like the waves, and how to also recognize whether the seasons in our lives are about to change – again.

How do you know when a change is coming?

My mom said something profound this morning, and she gave me the answer to my question:

When you start to feel the grace lifting off the season you are currently in, you know that there’s a change coming.’

It’s almost as if there’s tension in your life, irritation, desperation, and pressure in the atmosphere. Circumstances and atmospheres that you were okay with, no longer feel okay. You know things need to change, but you don’t know how or when it’s going to happen. But it’s going to happen, come hell or high water. The winds are changing; the season is turning.

Just hold on, change is coming your way.



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