Week Two | Costly Freedom

I am so thankful for where I am now in my life. When I think of where I was just a few years ago, I realize just how far I’ve come. I am no longer striving for perfection, nor am I trying to impress others.

My thoughts, actions and spiritual walk with Jesus changed drastically the day I realized I am a true daughter of the Most High.

In Scripture, we see time and time again how Jesus rebuked the Sadducees and the Pharisees. They were symbolic of the law, the religious mindset most of us tend to have. I still see it churches today, where spiritual leaders block their members from growing into maturity. But I choose not to judge, for I know that even pastors have yet to have a revelation of who they really are in Christ Jesus. I was there myself, and my mind only received renewing after having encounters with Jesus.

I paid too high a price to go back to that old mindset – that religious mindset of judgement, shame and dishonour. It brings bondage, a heaviness and steals the life out of me. I paid a high price, and I will never allow religion to reign in my life again.

I pray that others will experience a taste of the freedom that comes from living from a place of true identity.


‘Most churches don’t teach people how to think; they teach them what to think.’
Kris Valloton

‘Pastors want people to come to church; apostles want people to become the church.’
Kris Valloton


‘The religious spirit is Satan’s answer for the Holy Spirit. The religious spirit so closely mimics the Holy Spirit that many sincere believers think the Holy Spirit is leading them when, in fact, it is really a religious spirit.

Religion allows us to stay in control. Therefore it feels safe to our flesh because it tells us what to do externally and when we do it, our conscience is deceived by feelings of doing right. This replaces the inner peace of the Holy Spirit that comes from being in right relationship with the Lord.
We become focused on doing instead of being Spirit led.
Doing replaces our relationship with God, we no longer are abiding in Christ, nor can we walk in love.

The ultimate goal of the religious spirit is to cut us off from a real and vital relationship with the Lord Himself.’

Source: Overcoming Religious Spirits


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