Desires Known | Week Thirty-Two

God knows the desires of our hearts. However small or insignificant it might seem, he knows it, sees it, and hears it.

I had a friendship with two girls that come from similar backgrounds as I did, and after a fleeting friendship, it didn’t work out. My heart ached because they were creatives just like me, and I had longed to take on creative endeavors with them.

One evening, my mom and I went to Nina’s to celebrate our first creative writing class (more info on that here). I saw those two girls together, sitting in the restaurant and discussing their projects. My heart ached again. Ached, because I so wished I could’ve had a partnership with them. I brushed the feeling aside, thinking that this probably wasn’t meant to be. Maybe I was meant to do this alone, as I had usually done with all my past creative endeavors.

It wasn’t two days later when I had a meeting with an old friend of mine. We sat on the beach and drank coffee that we got from Tasty Tables. She said, ‘I am creative, and I have big dreams. I look at what you’re doing, and I see what you see.’

She continued, ‘I want us to have weekly meetings, and build a relationship. We need to get to know each others’ hearts before we jump into action with everything we want to do.’

As she said these things, she drew a plan of action in the sand with her finger. I sat there, astounded by how she knew exactly what my vision and dream is for The Creative Community.

I was in awe, watching her. I realized that sometimes God removes certain things in our lives, to make space for better things that are coming. I don’t know what this partnership is going to look like, or how it’s going to work out. I’m already being stretched in my in-the-box way of thinking, and I know I need to grow in my understanding of my vision and dreams.

But I also now realize that God intimately and intensely know all the desires of our hearts, and he knows what we ache for. And He’s going to meet those needs.



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