Fleshly Year | Week Forty-Three

What a year this has been so far. I started focused, ready to take on everything that came my way. But then… I got distracted with other things, and it kept me occupied for most of the year.

I couldn’t understand what was happening. That’s why it so so great to listen to prophetic leaders, for they give words to things we don’t understand. They put things into context, and give us a language for what we’ve been feeling.

I recently attended a conference where Linda Chuter was the guest speaker. I was in awe of how she spoke so clearly to my spirit.

I realized that distraction is a tactic of the enemy, and he has been succeeding so far.

This was a year of testing in the flesh. Immense testing of the heart. Our heart’s conditions are being exposed. We are now stepping from our fleshly year into glory. 

That which you overcome, you have authority over. It was a year of overcoming.

The enemy wants to steal our time. There was temptation this year, and we gave in.’

Linda Chuter

Linda also shared that ‘God wants nothing else to mix with His glory.’

Linda quoted the clean hands and pure heart verse, and also shared how Moses went up to the mountain. I write more about it in my previous devotional ‘Devastating Fire.’

Linda also said, ‘There will be a separation, for the preparation. Out of that, the transformation will come.’ The Lord wants to release blueprints from heaven, but He will only give them to those who are willing to go into the secret place.

The reason why this year was so intense, so severe, is because we are living in the last days. This is the last hour of revival, and the Lord is looking for a people that will be chosen. For many are called, but only a few are chosen.

The Lord is calling us to a deeper place so that He can release a new sound. He is not doing the next thing, but he is doing the new thing. New wine is being formed as the old ways of doing things are slowly being shut forever.

We now have a choice: will we still be distracted by mundane things, or will we press into His presence like never before…?



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