Royal Queen | Week Thirty-Six

Sometimes a prophetic word will keep repeating itself until you finally get it.

In 2016, the word ‘royalty’ kept popping up everywhere. People prophesied that word over me, some drew pictures of crowns and gave it to me, some simply wrote the word ROYALTY on index cards and gave it to me.

I was in the public restrooms one morning, complaining to a friend that I was getting sick of hearing the word royalty. ‘I already know I’m royalty; why do I keep getting that word prophesied over me? I know I’m a daughter, and I know that I’m a princess. I need something new.’

Little did I know that one of my leaders was also in the restroom, and she overheard what I had said. Instead of condemning me, she looked at me with kindness. She said, ‘Sometimes a word keeps repeating itself because God is trying to bring something to your attention.’

And so I decided to look at these prophetic words with new eyes. I knew that I was already confirmed in my identity as a royal princess and daughter of the Most High, but He obviously wanted to show me something new.

One evening, I was driving home with a friend of mine. As he dropped me off at my hostel, he looked at me and said, ‘You present yourself as a queen. You know that you are a queen. All the other girls are princesses, but you are a queen. You talk, dress, and show yourself as a queen. That’s who you are.’

That was a truth bomb right there. I realized that I had been exalted to a higher level of authority and identity. The Lord wanted to highlight that to me. That’s when I realized that God sometimes does repeat Himself – not because He wants to waste our time, but because He is trying to reveal something unique.

Sometimes a certain prophetic word will keep repeating itself until you finally get it.



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