Secret Garden | Week Forty-Eight

Keys have played a significant role in the prophetic realm this year. It popped up at the beginning of this year, and the theme carried on throughout the year.

Keys are always a mysterious thing. What does it open? What will you find on the other side?

Recently, I was in Hartenbos for a prophetic conference. We were each given a wooden key (of course), and keys were one of the hot subjects of the weekends.

During a worship session, I closed my eyes and asked the Lord to show me what the key should mean to me personally.

Immediately, I was taken back to a childhood memory – a childhood book, to be more specific. The Secret Garden by Frances Eliza Burnett was one of my favourite stories. I also remembered how I read another book as an adult – The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton – which is also another favourite of mine now.

I was led into an encounter where I imagined my secret garden, and how it had this massive old door that was locked. Only I had the key, firmly grasped in my hand.

 I opened up the door, and the garden was beautiful. I realized it was the garden of my own heart. (We always teach kids that Jesus stands at the door of our hearts and knocks and that He wants to come in. Sometimes, we can be locked out of our own hearts too…)

The encounter was beautiful, and at the end, I had tears streaming down my face. I wrote my first ever poem based on this experience. It’s called Hart Vol Groen, and it’s in Afrikaans. You can read it here.

What keys do you have in your hands? What do they unlock? What awaits you on the other side?



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