After Vicki won the Miss Deaf SA title, she started doing motivational talks all over the country. To date she has spoken at over 200 events (this includes: schools, functions, churches, etc.).

The fact that Vicki is able to communicate in both Afrikaans and English makes her able to reach out to thousands of South Africans.

She’s also had the opportunity of speaking at the Business Women’s Association Breakfast, as well as the University of the Free State.

When she addresses the teens at high schools, she focuses on IDENTITY: Who am I and what do I believe about myself? Before that, her topic used to be ‘Courage isn’t a gift, it’s a decision. After Vicki was shot through the shoulder at the age of 14, she struggled with depression but overcame it through giving her life to the Lord.

At the primary schools her topic is ‘I Know You Can’. She shares practical examples with the children, such as how she managed to do ballet as a teen without being able to hear the music, how she took drama lessons even though she couldn’t hear her own voice, etc.

Vicki recently won the Tributes Excellence Award under the Creative Arts Category for her work as motivational speaker in South Africa. Before that she also won Cosmopolitan’s ‘Fun Fearless Female Award’, also for her work as motivational speaker.