Week Ten | Easily Moved

It is normal for you to hear things that have never been heard before.’ 

Bill Johnson

I am really passionate about learning how to be moved by what I don’t understand.’ 

Eric Johnson

Recently, I watched a YouTube video of Stacey Westfall with her horse, Roxy, where she won the Championships for Bareback Bridleless Freestyle Reining. I was in tears after I watched this video. It was an incredibly heartfelt display of a relationship between a horse and its trainer. Horses are usually viewed as these strong, majestic animals, but they are actually very sensitive beings.

As I watched this video (see video link below), I realized once again that Holy Spirit is also so much more sensitive than we realize. Holy Spirit has been likened to a dove, and I think that is so true. Any sudden movements and He might just fly away. We can’t force Holy Spirit to manifest, and likewise, He doesn’t work harshly with us.

Growing up, I was always told that I was too sensitive and that I needed to ‘toughen up.’ When we are taught not to experience any feelings, we become numb, and eventually, we don’t feel anything anymore.

These last couple of years, I’ve come to realize that sensitivity is a gift that is to be maneuvered gently. I want to be easily moved by God, by Jesus, and by Holy Spirit. I want to take note of what He’s doing in the room. I want to know His moves, His ways, and His Spirit.

Like Stacey did with her horse, Roxy, I want to be finely tuned and in step with what the Lord is doing. I want to be easily moved by the Dove.





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