Week Thirteen | Hunger Pains

God is looking for hunger.’ 

Bernie Ooley

Sometimes, being unsatisfied with something is a good thing. Sometimes, wanting more is frustrating but it’s a good thing. When we are not happy with the norm, we challenge the level to higher heights.

This week, I was at the mall in Port Elizabeth with my mom. We were looking for a carpet for our living room. At the second shop, a Greek lady kindly helped us choose the right carpet. 

As we were about to leave the shop, the lady sat on a pile of carpets and rubbed her right leg. 

My mom noticed this, and she asked her, ‘Is there anything we can pray for with you?’

Surprised by my mom’s offer, she explained, ‘I’ve been in terrible, nauseating pain. I have metals in my right leg because of a car accident. When it rains, the pain is unbearable.’

We asked for permission to pray for her. ‘It is the Lord who wants to heal us; it is not by our own works,’ my mom explained.

 I laid my left hand on her right leg, and we declared the Lord’s healing over her body. As my mom was praying, I started to feel the bones in her leg move. I found that odd because she was sitting still and not putting any weight on her feet. She said, ‘I can feel a warmth on my leg.’

My mom also prayed for the spirit of trauma to be broken over her life, and it was incredible to see the change on her face after we were finished praying. Before that, her face had been downcast and dark. While that spirit of trauma was being broken off, she started lifting her face upwards, and her skin colour changed from dark to light. It was an incredible sight to behold.

After we were finished praying, she immediately remarked, ‘My head is still. I can feel the peace and quietness. Wow, this is incredible.’ She shared with us how she was on a handful of anti-depressants but nothing seemed to work. ‘I can’t believe how quiet my head is!’

The lady also said, ‘How is this possible! Look, I can move my leg and foot sideways! I wasn’t able to do that after my car accident!’

We walked out of that store in amazement at what the Lord had done. 

In my life, I have prayed for people with headaches, back pain, etc. All of which is – according to me – light miracles. I am hungry for the creative miracles, where things are being created out of nothing, or in this case, being reverted back to their original state. I believe that the metals in that lady’s right leg had dissolved while we were praying for her, and it had been replaced with its original state – pure bones. Creative miracles should become the norm. I celebrate the small miracles and healings that take place, but I am hungry for the creative miracles to become the norm.

Some things are only discovered by the desperate. 

Encountering His Presence makes us hungry for more.’ 

Bill Johnson 

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