Week Twenty | Beautiful Witness

While we are on this earth, we are not just a spirit. We are spirit, body, and soul (emotions and mind). One day, when we pass away, our spirit will live on. But while we are on this earth, we are being given a chance to make our lives right and to choose Jesus.

Our body and our soul tells us things that our spirit cannot reveal. It’s important to pay attention to what’s going on in our hearts and lives. We must not become so ‘heavenly minded that we are of no earthly good.’

This week, two of my dear friends had a major crisis in their emotional health. And at the same time, they also had breakthroughs in those areas.

It was a beautiful thing to witness. The Lord came into the deep, dark corners of their hearts and revealed past memories and traumas. They were both radically led into the Truth, and freedom was released over their emotions and bodies.

But then I noticed something interesting. As my two friends left (both on separate occasions), they both said the exact same phrase.

‘I’m so sorry,’ they apologized. ‘I’m so sorry for making it all about me.’

I looked at them both in surprise. ‘Why on earth are you apologizing?’ I said in return. ‘It was time for your breakthrough.’

The Lord did something beautiful in their lives, and I got to witness it.

I recently watched a teaching by Jason Vallotton, who used to be a pastor at Bethel Church. He spoke about our body, soul, and spirit, and how all three are important. They reveal things about us, things that are meant to bring us closer to the Lord.

We have been taught that our body and soul are not that important. Our spirit is the only thing that ‘will live on,’ so our body and soul ‘needs to come into alignment with the Word.’ While there is truth in that, there’s also the space in our relationship with Holy Spirit to work through our emotions and our earthly needs. Everything about us points to something greater, and we shouldn’t be scared to explore those things.

The Lord wants to reveal our hearts through His heart, and our minds are being formed into the mind of Christ. Our bodies get to glorify God in everything we do, be it dancing, worshipping, or even something as mundane as preparing lunch.

Jason Vallotton also said to say out loud, ‘I’m needy.’ That breaks the strongholds in our lives that we should always be independent. We tend to think that maturity means more independence when it’s the opposite. Dependence on God makes us more mature, for we learn to surrender. And we were not made to do life alone – we thrive in community and support.

We get to be beautiful witnesses in each other’s lives.


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