Week Twenty-One | Lights On

Imagine that your life is like a house. You can imagine a mansion, a farmhouse, a cottage by the sea. Now imagine you enter this house. In almost every room, the lights are turned off. Room by room, you go in and slowly the lights gets switched on. You see unopened boxes stacked on top of each other, and memorabilia that has long been forgotten. You see past traumas that have been pushed into the cupboards, never to be taken out again. You see cobwebs in the corners of your mind, dust in some areas. Some rooms, you need a flash light to navigate carefully, for the light switch has been broken for years and won’t work.

This is what life can be like. We move on with the speed of time, but really, we don’t.

I’m in a season now where the Lord is helping me get rid of the clutter in my life. In every room in the house of my life, the lights are being turned on. I do an honest survey of my life, and take note of the things I never dealt with. Past hurts, unforgiveness, offenses, traumas, broken moments, shame, etc. The lights are being turned on, and in return, the lies are being turned off.

I’ll say, ‘Oh, what do we have here?’

Some days are too hard. An undealt-with trauma pops up, and the I’m paralyzed for the rest of the day. I’ll say to myself, ‘Tomorrow, it will be better.’ Tomorrow, I’ll be braver, and I’ll look again. I’ll try again.

Cleaning house is oh so necessary. We need to do that if we want to reach higher heights, and climb bigger mountains. We need to get rid of the things that are weighing us down, skewing our viewpoint on life and people.

Pay attention to where the light hits in your life.




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