Week Twenty-Two | Eternal Lives

There is a tender tension between celebrating what we have been given, while also crying out for more.’

Bill Johnson

It’s interesting how everything is upside down in the Kingdom. The first being the last, and the last being the first. How you shall be thirsty, but when you drink, you shall never thirst again. How you become hungry for more, yet you are satisfied at the same time. How the war has already been won, yet we are still in a battle.

We also know that before we chose Jesus, He already chose us. Also, before the foundations of the world, Christ was already crucified.

We also know that God created time and that He is without time. He is everlasting, and has been there for eternity – and will still be there for eternity to come.

 We also know that God created time for humans so that we can repent, change our ways and grow into maturity. Time is against us, but it’s also our friend. It gives us time to breathe, learn and work through things.

All these statements can confuse us greatly because we don’t understand what it’s like to live without time. But the more I think about these things, the more I realize that there’s so much more we don’t grasp. This thing called life is so limited, just for some time. It is fleeting, it goes by so fast, and time runs out quickly. We can’t hold on to time anyway, so why bother to try to get everything done within time?

 We are so much more than we think we are. We have been created with eternity in our hearts, and we know that there’s so much more. That’s why we try to hold on to moments and memories. But what if this life is just the beginning? What if, when we pass on, we get to do everything we’ve always wanted to do, and get everything our hearts desire?

When I start thinking of life this way, then I start to relax. I breathe, knowing that this life is not all there is to it. There’s so much more, and we will have eternity to build our lives.


Time is a different thing

When you know you were loved

Even before it began

– Ingrid Hall –



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