Even though Vicki has 97% hearing loss, she learnt from an early age how to read lips and speaks like a hearing person. She had her cochlear implants in 2013 and 2015, and this dramatically changed her life by increasing her hearing up to 80%.

After Vicki won the Miss Deaf South Africa title in 2009, she began doing motivational talks all over the country. Up to date she has done over 170 talks at schools, churches, businesses, functions, etc.

The fact that Vicki is able to communicate in both Afrikaans and English enables her to reach out to thousands of South Africans.

With her motivational talks, Vicki shares her life story and testimonies of what she went through in her life. At the age of 14, she was involved in a shooting accident, and she fell into depression afterwards. She also shares on how she overcame her struggles as a deaf kid in a hearing school, doing ballet, drama, dancing, etc. With the high school kids she shares with them how she overcome her depression. She also speaks with them on their identity, their future and how there’s always hope.

Vicki also speaks at churches, functions and events. Her topic with the adults usually focuses on how to work through disappointment, how to surrender and let go of the fact that we don’t always understand why certain things happened.

Vicki’s heart is for her motivational talks to encourage and uplift people in these trying times, especially with COVID. For her, it is heartbreaking to see how South Africans are living in anxiety, depression and panic attacks. That’s the power of a testimony – it challenges us to gain a new perspective and rise above our circumstances.

Vicki also recently moved to Jeffrey’s Bay, and she was looking for a network of creatives that regularly comes together to spark and inspire one another. She couldn’t find anything like that, so Vicki decided to establish JBay Creatives.

Creative workshops will be hosted in Jeffrey’s Bay and the surrounding areas, but hopefully it will be all over the Eastern Cape soon. Vicki is a writer herself, and one of her first workshops that she will host will be focused on creative writing. Almost every second person that Vicki meet – upon hearing that she’s a writer – tells her that they would love to write as well, but don’t know where to start.

Numerous of Vicki’s articles have been published in magazines, newspapers and online websites – nationally and internationally. She did a writer’s course over the internet for 2 years, and she now has her own column ‘Vicki’s Voice’ in Kouga Express, a regional newspaper. With her creative writing school, Vicki will share practical tips on what worked for her throughout the years. and there will be fun activations to be done as well.

This writer’s course is designed for everyone, but for now Vicki will focus on high school students, retired people, church members, and creative young adults.

Writing is a powerful therapeutic tool. Vicki started writing in high school, and it changed her life tremendously. Her prayer is for others to learn the same tool and to gain healing and a new perspective.

The costs involved will depend on which area it is hosted, if it’s high school students, retirement villages, churches, book clubs, etc.

Two of Vicki’s books are also available in Afrikaans – Viva la Vicki (memoir) by Naledi Books at R100 each and God Lief My, a devotional book for teens (Carpe Diem Media), which is now out of print. Orders can be made through Vicki.

JBay creatives is on Instagram and Facebook.

Vicki is on Instagram and she has a Facebook Page.

People can contact Vicki at for info on the creative school; for motivational talks, contact her at