AFDA | Short Script | ‘Boy & Girl’

My Major at AFDA is Writing, which means I have to take screen writing classes and write scripts this year. 

My first assignment for this year was to write a 5-minute script while following the 'The ETB Structure.'


Boy & Girl

5-minute Script

Vicki Fourie


EXTERIOR OUTSIDE HOUSE: It is a dark night. A young, attractive couple is standing next to each other, facing a closed door outside a house. The woman (Girl) is black and the man (Boy) is white. It is a cold night, and they are dressed in winter clothes. The woman wears a purple scarf, and the man is holds flowers and a bottle of wine in his hands. The woman is noticeably anxious, and fidgets with her scarf. While the man is excited, and not aware of his girlfriend’s anxiety at all.


(excitement in his voice)

I finally get to meet your parents.

I can’t believe we waited so long.

Girl looks nervously at her boyfriend, and forces a smile.


(slowly, carefully, fidgets with her scarf)

Yes, we postponed it for too long.

It’s just been so busy with classes and exams this semester…

Boy has his arms full with the flowers and bottle of wine, but he makes an awkward attempt at putting his arm around his girlfriend.


I do realize that it’s been a long time since you saw your parents as well.

It sucks that they live so far away from campus.


(relieved that her boyfriend hadn’t noticed the strain in her voice)

Yes, that’s it. They live too far away from campus.

That’s why I haven’t been able to visit my parents…


Well, the moment of truth has arrived. Can you ring the bell?

The Girl winces when she hears the word ‘truth.’ Girl takes a deep breathe, and just as she’s about to ring the bell, the door opens. The Girl’s father is at the door, and he is so excited to see his daughter.


(hugs and embraces his daughter)

My daughter, it’s been too long! Welcome home!

As the father lets go of his daughter, he sees the Boy for the first time. He is surprised, and grasps for words. The father’s smile fades away. The father looks at the white Boy suspiciously.


(carefully, slowly)

And who is this young man? A friend from university or…?

The young man looks at his girlfriend with surprise and hurt in his eyes.


You never told your parents…?


(he interjects the Boy)

Never told us what?

Just then, the mother appears from behind the father. She is a warm, lovely and hospitable woman.


My daughter! You’re finally here! Why are you all still standing outside in the cold?

Come in, come in!

Everyone enters the hallway of the house. They all stand around awkwardly as the parents eye the Boy suspiciously. The girl takes off her scarf and coat, and knows that the moment of truth has arrived. She announces to her parents:


Father and mother, I want you to meet my… fiancée.

Both parents are visibly shocked. They glance at one another, unsure what to do now. The atmosphere in the room has now shifted to ice cold shock. The mother breaks the ice.


Fiancée? But we didn’t even know you had a boyfriend…

When did this happen? How did this happen?

The Girl tries to backtrack and cover her own back. She looks at her fiancée and sees the hurt in his eyes. This is not how it was supposed to play out. She realizes she postponed the inevitable for too long.


I can explain…


(harshly responds)

Yes, please explain.

The mother notices the tense tone in Boy’s voice, and decides to come to her daughter’s rescue.


(looks nervously at her husband)

Before we get into the nitty gritty of it all, let’s all go to the dining room, shall we? I made us a lovely bobotie with rice… Not that I knew beforehand we were having a white boy over for dinner tonight…

All four – the father, mother, Girl and Boy, all move to the dining room. They sit down in complete silence. They all look at Girl, waiting for the explanation. The Girl looks helplessly at her fiancée, hoping he can rescue her from this mess that she made. He notices her uncomfort, and tries to make a joke to lighten the mood.


Bobotie, huh? My favourite dish. I’m so tired of all the cafeteria food and take outs…

Can’t wait to eat some lovely home-made food again.

The Father ignores the Boy’s comment, and instead focuses just on his daughter, and asks her about her subjects.


How’s it going with your studies, my daughter?


(tries to change the subject)

Uhm, it’s going well so far.

Father, did you know that my fiancée is studying to become a doctor?

I know how important a medical degree is to you…

The parents are pleasantly surprised to receive this bit of information. The Girl feels like she can relax now that they’re not focusing on her anymore.


A doctor? My, my. Tell us some more.

What area of expertise do you want to focus on?


Uhm, I haven’t decided yet…

There’s so many interesting fields to choose from.

The Father notices that the Girl tried to change the subject, and shift the focus off from her.


Young lady, you still owe us an explanation.

Why didn’t you tell us about your fiancée?

The Girl looks down on her lap, uncertain where to start her story.



Actually, I would like to know as well. Why did you keep me a secret?

Is it because of my skin colour…? Is it because I’m Afrikaans…?


(defends herself)

No! It’s not because of that at all…


(presses Girl to explain)

Then why all these secrets?


Girl, I hope you’re still keeping up with your studies…


Actually, that’s another thing I wanted to talk to you about…

(a beat)

I dropped out of university a month ago.

Father, Mother & Boy in unison

You what?!?

Everyone is visibly upset. The Girl knows that she has to keep going, she’s got another secret to share…


That’s not the worst of it all…

I’m pregnant.

The Boy gets up from the table, his face white with shock. The Father slams his hands against the table, and the Mother just looks at her little girl with absolute shock and shame. The Mother is the first to speak.


(at loss for words)

What…? How…? When…? Why…?

Baby girl, why so many secrets?


I don’t know. I just know that I want this baby more than anything in this world…

But I also want to study. And marry. Oh, I want to do so many things all at once! But how can I?

Girl turns to her fiancée, takes his hand and beckons for him to sit down again.


I wanted to tell my parents about you. I just didn’t know how. It’s not because you’re white, but because you’re a… boy.

Can you forgive me?

Fiancée sits down, still at loss for words.


Why didn’t you tell me about the baby? You know I would help you in any way I can…

You know you don’t have to do this alone.


(looks at at everyone sitting at the table)

No, I don’t know that. I don’t know what you want… what you all want. I just know what I want.


(he speaks for the first time, having finally calmed down)

How would you know unless you talk to us?


You know we only want what’s best for you, what’s best for the baby.

What’s best for…. for everyone involved in this.

Girl starts crying, and Mother goes to the other side of the table to comfort her.


You don’t have to do this alone.

We will all be here to help you. We’re in this together.


(looks at Boy in admiration)

Yes, we’re all in this together.



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