Dancing Hands

Because of the purity of your hands, God will rescue the ones who are not innocent…

Through God’s grace in your life, the guilty will escape.’ 

Job 22:30

As a child, my hand was safe and sound in my mother’s hand whenever we crossed the street. ‘Look left, then right. Then left again,’ she would teach me. Whereas my father used his hands to lift me high so I could sit on his broad shoulders. Through lifting me, I had no fear. I knew he wouldn’t let me fall. I could see as far as my eyes would allow, the world before me a beautiful display. 

There is power in the tongue. We all know that, and we all have experienced it. ‘Words will never hurt me’ is a lie – words do hurt. So I watch what I say and I put a guard on my mouth. 

Yes, there’s power in the tongue, but there’s also power in the hands. 

I can turn a key with my hand, and open up the door. I can also choose to lock a door, and throw away the key. My hands can push and pull, strive and give up. It can curl up into tight fists, it can get tensed with anxiety.

Finally, it can choose to let go and release. The art of surrender in its finest form.

As a teenager, my ballet teacher told me I had dancer’s hands: refined, slender, and long. I danced beautifully, my hands and body anointed with Holy Spirit. Whenever I did dance performances, people’s hearts would become warm and they couldn’t look away – didn’t want to look away. The anointing was upon me, the presence of Holy Spirit rested strongly on my dances.

Now, as an adult, my hands are a way of expressing my feelings and of conveying my emotions. It brings the message across loud and clear. For some, their hands are a way of communicating through means of sign language. Like that French young woman who did a sign language performance by painting a canvas with her fingers. Sign language is her way of painting a picture of her world.

I use both my hands to write words. I can type 80 words per minute, my fingers lightning fast like a red Ferrari. Hands are also my way of giving and receiving hugs, patting someone’s back for good luck, and comforting a crying person.

Is it any wonder then, that Holy Spirit tends to show up the most through my hands?

Like that time when I noticed glitter all over my hands. What I thought was make-up residue, was Holy Spirit showing up. I washed my hands, but the glitter remained. Golden dust sprinkled all over my hands. I couldn’t get it off, no matter how hard I scratched, rubbed, or washed my hands. The golden glitter would remain underneath my skin for weeks afterward.

My hands open up and receive blessings bestowed upon me. My hands fold together to pray and ask for desires to be met. My hands raise to the heavens in the sky to praise and to worship. 

There’s power in my hands. My hands bless others. They transfer prophetic words, testimonies, waves, and frequencies. They stir up the giftings that are already inside of us; it awakens and calls it out. 

My hands even have the same resurrection power that raised Christ from death. 

It lives within me, breathes within me.

My hands are God’s hand on this earth. When I touch you, Jesus touches you as well. 

My hands are the same hands that plowed and sowed for so many years. It worked the ground, nourishing and watering it. After many years of diligent word, my hands got overworked and tired. It eventually gave up. It’s the same hands that can now reap the plentiful harvest, from morning till evening. The fruits of my labour are finally here, and my hands are so grateful for this new season.

My hands healed a man’s back pain. My hands took away a woman’s headaches. My hands sent electricity into another person’s body – I also felt the electricity myself. My hands prayed over my father’s ailing body, anointing and preparing him for his death. 

My hands changes people’s lives forever. 

My hands open up, ready to receive from Holy Spirit wherever I am. In my bedroom, alone. Sleeping at night. Driving my car, waiting at the robot. My hands just want to be in the presence of the Lord. More importantly, Holy Spirit wants to be in my presence. He is hungry to show up, to reveal Himself.

How wonderful it is to physically feel the presence of Holy Spirit. It is tangible, real, earthly. 

It’s more than glitter and golden dust. It’s electricity, it’s hot air, drums beating rhythmically on my hands. Pulsating blood pumping like a heart on my hands. It’s waves upon waves, tiny oceans within my hands. 

Here I am, writing this with both my hands. My hands are warm. It can feel the Presence in a tangible, physical way. 

He is here, right here with me.

You, Lord Jesus, You bless my hands to write.

You bless my hands to dance. 

You bless my hands to heal, to prophesy, to express, to feel.

You manifesting through my hands are on purpose, for a purpose. 


One day, a man will hold hands with me as we do life together.

But for now – and for always –

… Holy Spirit is my guide. Hand in hand, we interlock fingers and dance together. He helps me to cross the street safely, safe and sound. He leads the way, as we cross the street of life together. I sit on His shoulders and dream into the future. It’s a safe place to live and to just be. 


You, yes, you.

You can minister to others through your voice, and yes, through your hands.

There is power in the tongue and power in your hands. 

Open up your hands, receive what is yours to receive. 

God is not a respecter of persons. What He did through me, He can do in you as well. 

Do you realize the power that lies in your hands?


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