From 2016-2017, Vicki attended BSSM (Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry) in Redding, California.

She launched JSSM (Jeffrey’s Bay School of Supernatural Ministry) in Jeffrey’s Bay in February 2022.

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Jeffrey’s Bay School of Supernatural Ministry (JSSM) is the only full time, part-time & online BSSM school in South Africa.

FIRST YEAR 2023 | 2024

First Year primarily focuses on embracing the fullness of our identity in Christ, developing deeper intimacy with God and community, learning how to live out the values of the kingdom with a solid biblical understanding, developing spiritual gifts, and learning how to walk in purity and power through the Holy Spirit.

During these sessions, students will either engage with live lectures (by esteemed ministers of the gospel and BSSM alumni) or watch video teaching sessions from the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM).

Students will also engage in small group discussions with the purpose of reflecting, practically applying what was learned, or to review/discuss new insights.

During these discussions, students will also pray for each other, build community and receive prophetic ministry.


Our courses focus on:


  • These courses teach students about the power of their personal relationship with the Trinity and the spiritual practices that form and strengthen that relationship.


  • These courses teach students about the characteristics and nature of the kingdom and how to cultivate kingdom culture in different spheres.

Kingdom Culture:

  • These courses teach students how to live supernaturally and how to grow in spiritual gifts and practices such as healing, prophecy, evangelism, intercession, deliverance, prayer ministry, and more.

Supernatural Living:

  • These courses teach students about how to steward their heart and emotions and give them tools for communication and feedback in order to cultivate healthy relationships and community.


  • These courses teach students how to step into and walk in Christ’s freedom.


Online BSSMequip Platform

All JSSM online students will have access to their own account, on the online platform called BSSMequip. All the compulsory weekly teachings will be loaded onto each student’s account.

There will be a minimum of two teachings uploaded per week, which will be between 60 minutes to 1h30min each.

Students can access this platform via the internet on a PC or laptop, or as an app that they can download on their phone or tablet. Once students have been accepted for 1st year, they will receive their unique login details for this platform.

Zoom Sessions

During these ‘face-to-face’ sessions, which will be twice a month (45min maximum each), students will engage with the leaders of JSSM. The purpose of these sessions is to reflect, share testimonies, discuss the teachings, practically apply what was learned and review/discuss new insights.

Homework Assignments

JSSM is focused on personal transformation. During the school year, online students will engage with a variety of assignments and online teachings, called Homework Assingments. These tasks are completed during daily life; and not during JSSM time.

Book Reports

Online Part-Time students will be expected to read three books for 2023.

Online Full-Time students will read five books for 2023.

Book Reports will be filled in by the students, to be handed in to the JSSM leaders before their deadlines.

You will need to budget separately for these books. They can be purchased in a hard copy, eBook or audiobook format.

*Please note: if traditional learning methods are a challenge for you, please email us to discuss an alternate plan.


Online students will be required to set time aside each week for worship. Worship is a huge part of our curriculum at JSSM, as we believe that most of the transformation takes place when we focus on Father God, Jesus & Holy Spirit.

You will receive a YouTube playlist where you can partake, worship & listen to the music. It will be between 45-60 minutes.

Jeffrey’s Bay Visits

As a JSSM online student, you will be more than welcome to visit our in-class sessions at Global Leadership Academy. Please let us know in advance so we can make room for you to join us.


Full Time: R1,000 p/month for 10 months

Part-Time: R500 p/month for 20 months

(2 years)

*Payments need to be made before the 3rd of every month.

Application Fee: R350.00 *Non-refundable

*Please budget separately for the 5 books that will be
compulsory reading for the year.


Email us at jssmcontact@gmail.com to receive the application form.


Email: jssmcontact@gmail.com.

Facebook: Jeffrey’s Bay School of Supernatural Ministry (JSSM)

Instagram: @jssm_southafrica