Clean House | Week Thirty-Four

My father always used to say that it’s important to get inside other people’s houses. ‘It shows you what’s going on in their lives,’ he would say.

My father knew what he was talking about, for he was a pastor for 32 years. And so I grew up with the mindset that it’s a good sign when people let you inside their houses. Whereas it’s a bit of a red light if they don’t. It shows me that someone might be hiding something, or that there might be things they don’t want me to see. Or maybe their lives are in chaos, and they are embarrassed to show it to me.

Show me your house, and you’re showing me your life. Show me your room, and you’re showing me your heart. 

This previous weekend, my mom and I looked at three houses in Humansdorp. We are looking to buy a house by the end of this year, and we are considering all options.

The first house belonged to a fisherman, and there were fridges everywhere. Two massive Rottweiler dogs were locked in the backyard, and they kept barking the whole time we were there. Despite the security doors everywhere, it still felt incredibly unsafe to be on the premises.

The second house had a granny flat, and it smelled strongly of cigarettes. We had an uneasy feeling that the son who was living there might be a dealer of some sort. It felt like we couldn’t breathe in the air in that house, and we instantly felt relief when we left the premises.

The third house was a family with triplet twin teenagers. The one bedroom was locked solid, and we were not allowed to go in. The owners of the house also kept following us everywhere while we went through the house with the agent, as if to make sure we didn’t go inside that bedroom.

Three houses and each house carried a certain aura, a certain spiritual atmosphere. The first one was probably a strong fear of safety, the second one had illegal activities being carried out, and the third one had a secret to hide behind a locked door.

I realized once again how important it is to clean house regularly.

What’s going on in your house, your room? What’s going on in your life, your heart?

Is it clean enough so that others can enter?


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