Begin Again | Week Fifty-Two

How valuable is the dream of the believer.’

Bill Johnson

I had an ‘aha’ moment this week while watching a Bill Johnson teaching at JSSM this week. He was sharing how important it is to dream. He said, ‘The moment you stop dreaming, is the moment you start dying.’

Bill’s statement is so true… It made me think of the years when I stopped dreaming when and pulled the plug on all my desires. It felt like a death inside of me, where everything was now hopeless and not worth doing anymore.

I also had another ‘aha’ moment while Bill continued with his teaching. He spoke about how enduring faith brings answers with character. I had a light bulb moment where I realized that maybe the reason why my dreams didn’t become a reality when I was in my early twenties was that I didn’t have the character yet to carry them.

But now I’m in my early thirties; I am much older, wiser, and stronger. So many things happened in the last ten years, and I carry things with me that I didn’t have before. My identity is no longer established in the things that I do and accomplish; I do things with a much different attitude.

All those years of tears, disappointments, regrets, and bitterness are no longer stuck on my back. I have long since gotten rid of it, and I am a much lighter person. There’s a lightness to everything that I do, I no longer need to prove myself.

Now I can begin again, and wait with anticipation to see how the future is going to unfold.



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