Week Three | Land Claim

Thousands of years ago, man and woman had dominion over the earth. The soil, trees and everything on it belonged to us. Then came the fall, then came Jesus. Now it’s up to us to take back what is rightfully ours.

Living in a town/city means there’s spiritual wars to be fought and won. For every physical manifestation, something happens in the spiritual world. And vice versa. It is more real than we realize, and it is much closer than we think.

‘It is time to claim this town as your own’ is a phrase I’ve been hearing over and over in my heart the last week or so. It makes me think of when David slew Goliath. Afterwards, he cut off the giant’s head and then buried it outside Jerusalem’s city gates. Years later, David would come back and was crowned king of that territory. He claimed that area spiritually long before it was realized in the natural.

As I climb the dunes on the beach, I see a beautiful view of my town. Using my imaginary binoculars, I scan and view the sight before me. This land is my land, and I’ve claimed it as my own. It is time to take back what the enemy stole from me; it is time to be kings and queens again.


‘You’ve been through the delay; you’ve lost your sense that there was a future.’

Beautiful prophetic word by Nate Johnston this morning and what it means to claim a territory as your own.

Click on this link to watch the Facebook video – it’s 20 minutes long.

Nate Johnston – Prince of Persia

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