Week Nineteen | Mary Moments

At the beginning of this year, I had two goals: To launch JSSM and to write my memoir. With JSSM finally up and running, I tried in vain to set time apart for my creative writing.

I would get up in the mornings, hoping that I would find some time during the day to write. But as soon as I got going, little things would fill up my day, and eventually, the day would be out of my reach.

Last week, I watched a session by Bill Johnson on ‘Stewarding Your Increase.’ He spoke about the gifts and talents each one of us has been given. The more we steward those things, the more the Lord can entrust to us.

I felt so convicted after listening to this, for I know there’s so much more to do in this life. It’s not that I have too little time, it’s the fact that I am not managing my time well.

This week, I made a drastic change regards to my normal routine. I decided to wake up every morning before sunrise, while the world was still quiet and sleeping. Then I would either start writing right away and/or I would spend time with Holy Spirit.

This week’s change in routine was a huge sacrifice for me, for I love sleeping and I’m not a morning person. But I just knew that something had to change. I was tired of watching the sunset in the evenings, knowing that I had not done what I had wanted to do that day.

I also watched a session by Leslie Crandall this week, where she spoke about her ‘Mary Moments.’ We are so often like Martha, doing and accomplishing so much but finding little purpose in what we do. We have the invitation of becoming like Mary, sitting at the feet of Jesus every day and waiting upon Him.

What does He want to do with me today? 

What is He saying to me right now? 

What should I write about right at this moment? 

What song did I wake up to?

The ebb and flow of living like this are so different from what I’m used to. I’m used to checklists and deadlines.

But now, every morning, I wake up, pause, and contemplate. I become self-aware of what’s going on in my heart, what’s in my mind, and what I’m feeling in my spirit. Then I lean on Holy Spirit as I set out to do whatever it is that I – and Holy Spirit – want to do that day.



Leslie Crandall launched a Devotional series last year, titled ‘Intimacy With God.’

The fourth devotional in this 18-part-series is available for free. You can sign up by clicking on this photo:



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